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Custom Glow Table: need ideas! Answered

Hello everybody!
First of all i'd just like to say I just made an account but have been using this site for years and love you guys =]
I have this idea for a tv stand / table and I am stuck. attached is a drawing of my table (tried my best). The idea is a table made out of a recycled door as the table top, clear 6'' diameter and 2' long tubes as the legs, a liquid that reacts to blacklight inside the legs of the table such as laundry soap to fill the inside of the legs, and one small waterproof fan in each of the front legs to create a vortex inside the tube.

So essentially I want a table with legs made of clear tubes with a glowing tornado in each front leg and a black light mounted under the table to light em' up!

I need help figuring out what would be the best / cheapest material to use to create the front legs. Also what type of fan to use that is waterproof and will have enough torque to turn the water.

Any help is appreciated!!  


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9 years ago

I guess you would want/have to find clear plastic tubes, maybe lexan-expensive or acrylic from a plastics supplier. Glass might be fragile to get bumped by chairs or feet. Is this a low coffee table or standard desk height? That would add to the cost of how long a tube you need.

You have to think about cavitation or the fan/propeller churning up your liquid - and the foaming with any detergent. You might want to look into some of those scientific supply houses, I think they have some kind of mixers for chemicals, maybe you drop in metal pellets or beads and a magnet swirls them up. You might be able to replicate that cheaply somehow. Maybe a good bubble stream might be better to set up. But hey, vortexes are cool. Good luck.