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Custom MP3 player advise. Both code and construction? Answered

Going to take an old 60's portable radio, remove guts (except batter supply and speaker) and then incorporate an inexpensive mp3 player to play out of the speaker. I don't see too much trouble with this, but not sure if someone has done this before (seen similar, but not exactly like this, i.e. bigger radios, or ones that plug into walls) Also, seeing if anyone has written a psuedo random algorithm that will play 4 random songs from one list, then a random from another, and then repeat the whole process again. The idea is to play 4 ransom songs, then an old radio ad, then back to songs, etc. Anyone have advise (other than the "don't do it", or "it's too hard")


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9 years ago

Put an MP3 player in it, try to wire that into the existing amp'-circuit, join the L & R channels for mono'