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Custom PC Keyboard protector Answered

I'd like to make a custom fit computer keyboard protector, the type that's made to stay on while the keyboard is in use.

This Ducky cover https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/index.php?l=product_detail&p=999 is very nice, but rare.  Most keyboards have no properly fitting cover available.

Also, it would be awesome to say 'I did that.'  

What material would be best, silicone?  What mold material?

Maybe I could cover the keyboard with plastic film and spray some silicone on top?   It has to be really thin.  I'm guessing pros would use a bottom mold, then squeeze a top mold own on it.



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5 years ago

You can make a plastic form by vacuum forming a sheet over your keyboard.
Cut excess and unwated parts off then cover with a thin layer of wax.
Add a very thin layer of latex or silicone and once you peeled and cleaned it you are good to go.
But getting all the ingredients, plus testing means it might come much cheaper to buy a keyboard with cover.
More a project for people who already have at least the mold making stuff around.


Reply 4 years ago

Just when I thought I googled everything, found more stuff with vacuum forming.

Task-18 keyboard mold http://www.smooth-on.com/gallery.php?galleryid=241

Vacuum forming looks like a big project. I might do that if it's the only effective way, but I hope there's another way. Maybe a viscus mold material on wont mess up the keyboard, but could be poured on top before it cures. I could put plastic wrap under the keys and then pour something on top, to make the mold. This type of mold wont work well?