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Custom PDF not working correctly Answered

When I go to make a custom PDF, I remove the Header, Comments, and related instructables. However, tonight it is still showing the header and related instructables..


Tom Alegar

8 years ago

Simular problem here. I want to down load custom pdf, but get the regular one. I don't want header, related instructables and usually don't want the comments. It would be nice if this was fixed, because that is a big part of the reason I paid for the use of the site. This is the same in Explorer and Firefox. Thanks.


8 years ago

I am not sure what problems others are having but here are just a few I have noticed.

1 - Pictures are often duplicated
2 - Related Instructables show up even though you ak them not to.
3 - ditto for Table of Contents
4 - Pictures are large even when you ask for smaller ones

I have noticed a few others but these are the min ones that annoy me.

Hopefully they get fixed.


8 years ago

You're right, it's not working at all. I've filed it, and passed it along to people who can fix it. Hopefully it'll be taken care of quick.


8 years ago

Exact same thing happens to me in Chrome and FF4.