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Custom built Mac PC for sale or trade -- SOLD Answered


This is a unique, one of a kind PC built inside of a macintosh Powermac 7200.
It features:
-Intel D945GTP Desktop LGA775 motherboard
-Intel Pentium D 3.2GHz dual core processor
-1GB of DDR2 ram
-200GB SATA hard drive
-CD/RW drive
-Built in ethernet

The computer needs a little work on the rear ports and power button, but it works flawlessly.
It has the ability to control the speed of the CPU fan and the power supply fan via Speedfan Software.
It has AVG 2011 installed
It runs Windows XP with a genuine Powermac 7200 start up tone.
It has 4 on-board USB ports and the ability to add 4 more.

It runs rather cool and can makes little noise from the fans and the hard drive.

This unique Mac is a must have for PC and Macintosh enthusiasts alike.
I am looking to get $80 for it but I am open to any reasonable offers, i will also trade this computer for a netbook, it does not have to have a functional screen, the main electronics just have to work, the top half can be broken, and it needs a working battery and charger.

There is no monitor, mouse or keyboard, just the computer.
I will ship it free of charge anywhere within reason.

The computer has been sold locally, i may be able to build another with a different case design by request if anyone wants one.


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9 years ago

Not particularly interested in this specific one, but since you make custom computers, would you be interested/capable of building a netbook?
I'm looking for one under 150$, with a screen at least 1024x728 (most are 1024x600...). preferably with an intel atom and 1gb of RAM and at least a 4gb SSD.....

Any chance?


Reply 9 years ago

i thought i updated that this one was sold...
as far as mobile computing goes, i dont think id be able to do that, especially not for under $150.
but if you are wanting a screen with that resolution you might be out of luck since most laptops these days have widescreen monitors (1200x800)
but.. long story short, no i cant build a netbook. sorry.