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Custom built laptop? Answered

Hello people. 
I'm new to this business of building laptops, so I don't know anything, even where to get the parts. I would like to build a nice gaming laptop. My budget is 1000$, so if anyone is able to post a good set of parts including the barebone (so the parts would fit the barebone).
Thanks in advance. 



4 years ago

You don't build laptops. You can build a custom PC but you'll have to buy a laptop.

The reason you can't just find parts to build your own is cause vary little is standardized. Each manufacture will have a different main board than the others. Many will have different main boards across their different models. The only standardized parts across most laptops is the RAM. In the case of gaming laptops that actually use a removable GPU then the GPU is standardized. But for the most part everything is integrated into the laptop's main board.

If you where able to get parts yourself the finished product wouldn't be anything you could consider a laptop due to the size of the case. You also wouldn't be able to make a 'gaming' laptop for only $1000.


4 years ago

I have a very good friend who repairs laptop motherboards - one of the few people with the exotic tools to do chip level repairs to BGA packages. His advice is NEVER buy a "gaming rated" laptop - the chips are stressed way beyond their PC brethren by the heating they experience.

Just sayin'