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Custom car Answered

Ibuilding a custom car body out of polystyrene foam. Any advice on what to cover the foam with to strenghten it. I was thinking abot fiberglass but was really hoping to avoid it if possibe. Any suggestions on a strong alternative to fiberglass would be appreciated.


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5 years ago

Is it a model or a real sized car with a real world engine?
For the later you can already stop as your foam is useless no matter what you put around unless all structural parts are made from steel or aluminium frames.
And there are no suitable alternatives to fibreglass unless you want to pay even more for the alternatives.
In general the "hull" is made in a form and not by adding it to a foam body.
You do sculptures this way but no cars.


Reply 5 years ago

I am building only the body (the outside) of a real size car. I will then put it over the frame and chassis of a donor car. I was just hoping that there was some alternative to fiber glass as I did not want to have all of the fumes. Most modern cars have bodies made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, especially super cars.