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Custom tube engraving/printing/branding Answered

First post! I was on Google looking for a good forum to join and am glad that I thought to see if instructables had one :D <3

I am looking to brand my own products for my store. The first products are electronic cigarettes, there's a couple pics attached.
The products are small tube batteries about the size of a sharpie's body. They come in two materials, a plastic/rubber material that is difficult to scratch/dent but has a soft feel and the other is a stainless or anodized metal. I see two possibilities for branding but need help figuring out how to accomplish the desired effect.

2) I transfer my logo onto the tube by rolling it over a stamp with an ink/epoxy of some sort ( *magic ink* product unknown)\
3) I get decals printed/made and transfer them onto the material.

I don't know much about decals or permanent printing liquids, and would like to hear from you what you think! Please check out the attached picture as well



4 years ago

Usually stuff like that is done by sponge printing.

A piece of soft rubber with a corresponding shape (in your case it can be still flat) is pressed against a screen with the picture/text to print.

After that the sponge is pressedagainst the object and transfers the ink.

Automated or semi automated it is a fast process.

For Anodized Aluminium I suggest laser etching as give good results that last.
With the colered aluminium the clean siler laser etch makes a nice contrast.
Deep engraving ispossible too is you want to fill everything with a paint - wipe in with a cloth, wipe off with a clean one - paint stays inside the engraving.


Reply 4 years ago

Any ideas for the ink? I'm searching for indelible plastic inks on Google but think I need better search terms


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I'm guessing you don't stock a quantity enough for the supplier to custom engrave or imprint them for promotional purposes. You can look up cylindrical or tube screen printing for round objects. I would think the solvent based inks are either heat or UV light exposed after printing to cure. There may be a custom printed plastic shrink wrap or heat transfer to be placed on the unit for advertising You can probably ask around at the office supply stores or printers that make promotional products. Good luck.