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Customising a shower curtain? Answered

I've been inspired but the kraken shower curtain over at http://www.krakenrumstore.com/Shopping/Shopping.aspx?Nav=PRXNV118
but Im a picky girl and like a little more detail in my tentacles.

Anyone have any clues about what sort of pens etc would give the best/ most lasting results?




8 years ago

If you use a cotton or poly/cotton sheet, you can iron it to freezer paper. Plastic side to fabric. Dry low heat until it sticks.
By stabilizing the area you are going to draw or paint onto freezer paper, it won't bunch as you draw and the ink won't bleed through to your table.

For a super fine line: use a Uni-ball Deluxe micro .2mm Waterproof liquid ink metal point roller pen to draw on the stabilized fabric. These will give you very fine lines, dots, whatever. If you use them in conjunction with the dye crayons, DON'T ever go over crayon marks with the pens. The pens will die. (If you figure out how to get them working again, please let me know)

An Ultra Fine Sharpie (black only) will give you a wider more feathered line. Test it first, of course, on stabilized scraps... and run it through your wash cycle afterward. Red and Blue sharpies run in my experience.

For crisp wider black lines and grays: There are two kinds of fabric dye crayons available at fabric stores. You set them by ironing them (sandwiched between blank newsprint!!). They work well for drawing directly on stabilized fabrics. CHECK to make sure that your sheet matches the fiber type of the crayons. One kind won't work on synthetics, the other only works on organic fibers. Given the size of your image, these may be your best bet. Black is included in the sets.

Regular fabric makes a great shower curtain... no need for 'waterproof' fabrics. And fabric holds up better going through the wash. Uni-ball and the fabric dye crayons won't wash out.

If you go the painting rather than drawing route, Liquitex has information on fabric painting.


8 years ago

It depends in a large measure upon what kind of material the shower curtain is made of, but generally speaking, acrylic paints would usually give excellent results. There is less tendency for them to fade, bleed or stain the base material and they have good durability.


Answer 8 years ago

Maybe. I've not had much success with Sharpies on some materials; fabric bleeds excessively and on vinyl, it smears and tends to partially rub off.