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Customising an RF remote control Answered

Hello all. I hope this finds you well.

I would like to know whether there is a simple way to convert my existing RF remote control (bought from Maplin, UK, for controlling included mains plug adapters) to use physically different buttons for switching things on and off. 

The idea is that I'd like to - neatly, if possible - mount the new buttons onto a flat surface: a table top, for example.

Could anyone advise whether this is doable without dedicating more than a day or two to it, and how; or if I should should look for an alternative way around the problem?

Many thanks indeed,




4 years ago

As far as I can see the remote uses a silicone rubber to make the contacts, you might have to open it to confirm.

If so you either have balck contact areas or shiny metal areas where the contact is made.
The shiny ones are easier to work with ;)
You will see that each "button" has two contact areas that are bridged by pressing the silicone down on them.
Clean the coating off the traces going to these contact areas and solder a normal push button with some thin and flexible wires to it.
Some remotes do need the resistance provided by the black silicone rubber and the switch can fail while the normal pad still works, in such a case add a 100 - 1000 Ohm resistor in series with the push button (you have to check what value works best for you).


Reply 4 years ago

Well, if it would always be that easy to satisfy people :)
Let us know how it turned out and show some pics of the finnished product.