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Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow: Review Answered

Here is the review for the Customizable Dragonfly Assault Crossbow by Wicky.
I used the y-bow for the review, the same one in the picture.

What to expect:
Innovation: 9/10 I think shaping the bow in a y form was innovative and added more power with a shorter arm.
Strength: 7/10 the arm is kind of weak. But the overall thing is good.
Range: 9/10 shot very far and is powerful but not that accurate. It broke a red connector and two gray clips
Looks: 8/10 has a unique look but I like it.
Parts: 8/10 fairly low on parts but uses more whites than most have.
Handle: 7/10 not that comfortable but again unique
Stock: 9/10 nice and sturdy. I like it.
Barrel: 8/10 the barrel is kind of flimsy but okay.

At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.
Here is the link to the gun. https://www.instructables.com/id/DragonflY-Assault-Crossbow/
Thanks for reading.


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11 years ago

Do you want me to add this to my knex gun review ible?