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Cut n Paste with Android? Answered

Annoyed with droid.
Cut n paste feature...   when pasting, a long press will cause a " paste" icon to pop up... SOMETIMES... but icon will disappear if you press longer than 0.72 second, or thereabout.  Is there a more reliable paste option with android?  It often takes 5 or 6 tries to get that 0.7  plus or minus 0.02 second sweet spot.



4 years ago

My Android tablet has a "paste" button on the keyboard - see the very bottom right of the screenshot.


Reply 4 years ago

test: hmm.. nope. similar icon on (mechanical) keyboard of transformer pad. No similar icon when the tablet is unclipped from base, and it is a touchscreen keypad. thx, tho...


4 years ago

Might help to know which Android you use and what type of device ;)

For example on my Galaxy S4 I can select the text with a long press and use the cursors to adjust what exactly I need, the menu provides the copy function when done.

On my Nexus 7 a long press on text by default only copies/marks a single word and selecting more is complicated.

For actions in the filesystem I don't use the standrd file manager but ES File Explorer instead.