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Cycle Skates Answered

I once read that technology never dies.  There are people today that still make flint knives and start fires by friction.  Furthermore, these skills have been passed down generation to generation.  To prove the hypothesis, the authors got an old Sears Catalog from the 1890s and picked out two pages of stuff they had never heard of.  They found all of them still available for purchase somewhere.
Why then, can I not find the Cycle Skates in this 1923 video?

They were apparently invented in 1870. (http://pedespeed.blogspot.com/2007/07/following-is-from-leonard-de-vries.html)
I cannot find the patent info as they seem to be from France.

I know in 2004 someone "re-invented" them as Chariot Skates.   Anyway, I would like to learn how to make my own 1870 / 1923 style cycle skates.    Anyone out there who can help?



4 years ago

Hi - a product is available very much like this one - called Chariot Skates - they fix to the leg just like these but have a very small rear wheel - - think you might really like them - - - - or! there is the Magic Orbit Wheel, these go one on each foot but are not strapped, you stand on a small platform ( one for each foot like skates ).

Hope this helps.

See ya


4 years ago

Should not be too hard, finding small wheels would be the hardest part I guess...

In their old form they only had a metal strip attached to the axle a plate for the foot (or the end of the strip bend at 90°, plus the braces for the leg.

Biggest downside was the lack of any breaking system which caused quite a few accidents.

To keep standing somewhere without falling over you had to tilt your foot forward to stand on your toes, so the size of your shoes determines how high above the ground they could be.


4 years ago

Pram wheels, old fashioned leg-braces, couple of bolts and you're away!