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Cyclists.... Answered

Just for fun this time!

We all love bycicles.
Enjoy nature, loose some kilos or just having some fun with the kids.
I even like to ride if I find the time and the right weather.

But what about those courier riders in the city?
Those fitness fanatics riding in a pack of 30 and surprising you on a winding mountain road by fully blocking it...
The guy hitting you from behind on the traffic lights because he was only looking on his phone...
Or maybe this drunk guy in the middle of the night not even realising that he uses the entire road...

What is your worst nighmare experience with someone using just legs to get two wheels moving?
And: What is your worst nightmare experience as a cyclist yourself?
The guy cutting you off while turning and running over your bike?
Someone "accidentally" opening their door when you ride past their car?
Or maybe these parks constantly blocking the bike lanes and forcing you to go into the traffic?



7 months ago

Someone opening a car door is pretty terrifying, so are the sewer hole type covers on the streets. A lazy worker didn't close one once properly, and friend of a relative of mine rode his bike straight into one. Surgeon. Paralyzed. Forever.

I once rode in front of one of these bus stop stations: I decided to ride in front of it, to not have to ask an elderly person who was standing behind it to move. I'm always careful, aware, and have 2 fingers on both brakes at all times, but you get careless...
I was riding probably around 20km/h when suddenly a person emerged from the bus stop - and I couldn't see him because of the evil advertisement that as on the side wall of the glass bus stop. Luckily I had my hands on the brakes and reacted immediately or we would've ended in what was more than what I would call a "hug". It was probably less than 2 seconds between him emerging from the bus stop, and me coming to a complete stop with him "leaning" on to my handlebars.
Needless to say, I apologized several times but he went INSANE!
I can't be sure he got startled more than I did because he didn't even see me, to be honest.

What I absolutely can't stand is people walking with their head straight down into their phone, and no matter how slow you ride (I'm talking about 0.5-1kp/h), as soon as they see you riding and trying to pass them on the sidewalk, they get startled and jump back instinctively. People: stop walking, step aside to text your friends, and then continue on with your journey.
I came up with a solution that's actually possible, unlike what I wrote above!: