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Cyron 1506 "LED LIGHTYING SYSTEM" Answered

Okay. I have a question that may or may not be able to be answered. I have the Cyron LED lighting system (You can see ones just like it on their website). THe question I have is that, is there some way I can modify the controller (A simple 3-button controller: on / mode / pause) so that I can put it into a USB port to control the colors? Right now it has '7 modes': 6 different kinds of fade and a 'music' mode. I'm not sure just what I'd have to do to change anything, but I'm willing to try - it was cheap to buy anyway, so I wouldn't be terribly upset if I lost it. Any help would be appreciated.


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11 years ago

I actually have two of the same sets, the cyron HT model and I am wanting to find out the same thing you are, even if there is a way to make a controller for it as well using the existing power supply as well and just replacing the controller itself. I'm doing some study's on it as well, s please keep in contact with me on this one if you find anything. azurusnova@gmail.com is my email.