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D-Flip Flop and Clock Alarm Answered

Hey there!
I'm trying to hook up one Set Pin of a 74LS74 Double D-Flip Flop to the alarm of my clock. I've already desoldered the annoying buzzer thats been there before and am now measuring the voltage provided to the buzzer. Unfortunately the circuit only provides around 0.1-0.7V (crescendo alert) with each beep, which doesn't seem to be enough to raise the Set Pin to HIGH (0.8V min. I think).
So I guess I'm supposed to use some kind of transistor now. Just to make sure I'm asking you guys.
Also, if I want to run the clock from a 5V DC wall wart instead of the original 1.5V battery, I suppose the only thing I need to add are some resistors in series. Would that be correct or would there be anything else needed to ensure the clock takes no damage?

Would be really nice if someone could help me out with this!

Best regards,


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