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DC Motor Stop and reverse for a feeder Answered

Hi, I attempting to design a feeder that will raise and lower an access door to where the feed is at. The door will open at dawn and close at dusk. I am trying to design a setup similar to an automatic car antenna. When enough light hits the photocell, the motor engages, travels a distance or hits resistance and stops. When light is no longer strong enough, the motor engages in the opposite direction and after the same distance or it meets resistance, stops again. Is this possible to do without Arduino as I am trying to keep this cheap? If so, what do I need and how can this be accomplished? The photocell is not a requirement as I have seen astro timers that can adjust for the changing sunset and sunrise times. Please help. I've got at least 20 hours of research into this and am hitting dead ends searching forums. A circuit drawing would be an awesome addition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance


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4 years ago

If you salvage some driver door window motors with the complete switch setup you might have an easy going.
Most of these use either endstops or the better ones a load control to "know" when the window has hit a dead stop or too much resistance like a hand or apple.
Some of them even lock the switch in place and reset it once the window stops.
I would prefer a model that utilises endstops but the load control should work for your purpose as well.
All you need to do is wire it all back up to a 12V supply and do some tests.
The switch in the console or door should have three connections, down, ground, up.
Instead of the switch (once you figured the workings out) you use the timer output.
So your relay gives a 12V signal to the former switch position and it works automatically.
Just make sure the power is turned off to the motor once it reaches the final position - that is why endstops are so handy here, you can use them to interrupt the power to the corresponding motor direction ;)