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DC jack output to motherboard on vaio laptop? Answered

Greetings, my laptop DC jack stopped working properly a few months ago and today when i woke up the charger pin was so hot that it had melted the rubber end, so finally got a spare DC jack and cable to replace it, since its not soldered to the motherboard, but the only one i could get is a simple DC to motherboard, meaning 2 red and 2 black cables, like the one in the picture above and this laptop uses one similar to the other but instead of 1 extra black cable uses 3. So anyway my question is, are those extra black cables regular grounds? They're screwed to the motherboard on different places. Can I somehow just splice those 3 to the 2 that the spare cable i got has? Thanks!


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5 years ago

The the right parts and you don't have to worry, neither about getting them in, nor about a total failure due to the wrong connections used.