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DC motor Answered

I had a 220v angle grinder. It was burnt. I take the rotor of the grinder out. Its completely fine. Now i make a DC motor using this rotor and magnets(for field current). My question is, how much maximum DC volts this motor can take to get the maximum RPM. Because the motor was 220v AC, Will it run on 220v DC?


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2 years ago

Hard to tell when you discard the coils from a series machine and do not tell us the current rating of the original grinder ..

Then you make it a shunt machine and I do not know if you understand magnets..

You need to match the current from the AC grinder to the DC rotor whatever voltage that takes.

Bearing in mind the weaker the magnetic field the faster the rotor will spin and want more current then is good for its wire handling ability.


Answer 2 years ago

And how is a burnt grinder turn out with a good motor rotor..

Was it in a room fire ?