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DC motor speed controller layout Answered

Alright so below is a quick picture i drew up of the circuit for an electric kayak idea i have. The drawing is just a rough mock up.
I think I'm on the right track, but looking for somebody with more experience to double check it!  
Really appreciate any help! Thank you!

Below is the link to the PWM Speed Controller i plan to use:



Best Answer 3 years ago

Looks like it will work for power, current and voltage.

What shaft and propeller do you plan to use ?


Answer 3 years ago

Alright perfect! And as far as the propeller and shaft go I'm not too sure! I will do some further research on the Motor RPM's and try my best to match it with the correct size and pitch prop.


3 years ago

22V max is not perfect for a scooter motor but it should work fine with a decent prop.
Which is the next problem as I had problems finding anything between RC and real life size.

Were the only ones I could find with small enough props unless you want a complete package of motor, electronics and prop.
In any case you will need a suitable adapter between motor and prop drive shaft, best with a flexible connection.
Maybe worth thinking of putting the prop into a pipe to create a nice inboard jet engine?

The inboard jet idea is tempting, but i think a simple prop drive system will be the way to go because it is easier to DIY! The shaft and connectors will be interesting to figure out but that's what makes it fun! Prop wise, a trolling motor prop seems to be the way to go! The prop you linked looks very suitable for my needs and i will definitely look into it further! Really appreciate the input! Thanks!

You have to get the drive shaft through the hull anyway.
For this you need mounts and bearing as well as seals.
A fee standing prop will be quite far down so might get it stuck in the ground sometimes, while a jet prop would still work fine while scratching over the sandbank.
Do you plan on a manul controlled rudder or do you want to make the prop movable sideways for steering?
And I hope you take enough pic for a decent Instructable ;)