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DC motor speed controller questions Answered

In the early stages of planning an electric kayak build. Im Brainstorming ideas on how the propulsion system will work and have a few questions when it comes to DC motor speed controllers. 

First off i plan on using a 100W 24v DC motor from a old electric scooter. 
Not sure on the type of battery yet but it will be a 24V
Now i am fairly experienced with RC Aircraft electronics, but this appears to be a different ball game!

After some research it appears i want a PWM Speed controller that can handle at least 24V. 
 Amps wise i think i want at least 4 Amps. (Assuming my calculation was correct based off the Watts and Volts ) 

So this is basically more of a "am i barking up the right tree" question!  
As i said earlier this is just early planning stages of the build and i want to make sure i don't make any silly mistakes! 
Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Yes. Look for more than 15A of surge rating. 4A is the running current.


5 years ago

You can get replacement controllers for the scooters quite cheap on ebay.
Some come with the full pack of connections for light, indicator and so on but you can simply ignore the extras unless you want to use them on the water.


Answer 5 years ago

Thanks! A couple running lights wouldn't look too bad!