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DCR-TRV27 Questions? Answered

Okay so first of all, I've had this DCR-TRV27 Videocamera from sony for quite a while. Some things about it though, I still can't figure out.
First question: There is this little socket thing on the top of the camera, that I just can't figure out! It looks like I'm supposed to insert some card there, but I just can't get it. Also, the socket thing has a logo on it, I don't know if you can see it, but it's like this "i4".
Question 2: How do I take the footage on the TDK Mini DV Digital Video Cassettes, and transfer it to a computer.
Question 3: What do the fader and focus/infiniti buttons do?
Question 4: How do I use the audio dub feature?
Question 5: What does the Exposure button do?
Question 5: The lens housing thing spins, but doesn't reach a "stopping point" as in you can keep spinning it, it also doesn't seem to have any effect. Why/what is this?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

1. I can't tell from your picture, but I'm guessing it's either for adding a light accessory, or for adding an XLR type audio coverter (and shotgun mic). The memory cards for sony handycams is usually covered and near the back (and usually right) of the camera.
2. Firewire is the easiest way. Near the front right, you'll find a panel that it hides under. You'll need a firewire card on your computer and either a 4 pin cord, or a 4 to 6 pin cord depending on which type your computer has. If you're using a PC, you can use the already Windows installed Movie Maker to encode and cut up your video.
3. The fader button is used for effects. Generally cameras with this feature do a fade to black, and fade from black. Sony handcams also feature effects such as mosiacs, wipes, noise, overlaps, etc. The fodus/infinity button should allow you to change between something like auto and manual focus, and maybe a couple of other options. Google depth of field if you want to know when to use each.
4.  I'm sure you'd have to be in VTR mode, each camera is different, and your manual should tell you.  From the picture, I'm also guessing you have a  TRV270 instead of a TRV27.  Double check before googling for you manual if you don't have one on hand.
5.  The exposure button is a manual iris.  It's set to auto to begin with, you can also hit it to set it to manual.  Then use the scroll wheel to open or close the iris further.  A display will pop up to tell you how far you've moved it and what f-stop you're currently on.  Simply hit the exposure button again to reset it to auto-iris.
5(b).  It's your focus wheel.  If you set it to manual focus as discussed on number three, this is how you would adjust your focus setting.  You can scroll it as far as you like, but it can never go below zero or above infinity (which is saying how far away you are from the object you are videoing).