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D.I.Y. Automotive Black Box, DVR, OBDII Answered

I am a noob that is considering building a Black Box for my car, I suspect that I am not the first so please if you know of discussions on developing an awesome Black Box please direct me to it. The Black Boxes being offered are Gold Dusted empty, expensive crapware.

I want added protection from bad drivers, bad insurance companies and bad cops so I want six or more 1K or better cameras and DVR with the ability to store on any size SD card and/or SSD.

I also want telemetry from many sources like GPS, speed, throttle and brake pedal positions, steering degrees, OBDII and more.

Two problems I suspect will be power drain when the car is parked and chip cooling.

I'd like to Stink Tank this idea with interested peeps (WOW! I always wanted to use Peeps, yeah, I know Late)

I look forward to hearing from you



2 years ago

I hate to revive old threads, but I just published an 'ible to make your own Telematics box that records your GPS coordinates, date/time, speed, RPM, and throttle. Take a look and drop any comments!


3 years ago

That is a challenging project for newbies. Good luck with the research.