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DIY BED UPCYCLED CLOSETMAID CUBEICALS? I have ClosetMaid 4-cubby Cubeicals, want to make bed platform for queen? Answered

I'm concerned that the Cubeicals are not sound enough structurally on their own, wondering if I need to somehow beef up their sturdiness?  I have a futon frame to scavenge for bed slats, etc, am needing more storage space under bed.  I'm in love with the "Nail-less, glue-less almost screw-less fire finished bed" by Tazo, and if the cost of materials to transform the Cubeicals into a workable bed frame is similar to his bed, I'll just make it instead.  

I have two 4-cubby Cubeicals, but only want one cube of height for under the bed (the bed is about 12" thick already, and the cubes are about the same... 

I would love some advice on how to proceed, if the cubes can be made safe, etc.  They have been moved a few times and are a little on the wobbly side already at this point, so they definitely need SOMETHING to beef 'em up if I use them.  

I'm fairly handy, but don't have a lot of wood working tools... I can prob borrow what I need as long as it's not super specialized, etc. 

Also, I'm on a budget.  like, a tiny budget :)

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any thoughts on this!


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8 years ago

I'm not sure if you have enough area with two 4 cube Cubeicals (since I don't know their measurements), but as far as strength is concerned, I've seen bed frames made out of less sophisticated elements. As long as you have a sheet of plywood on top, the weight is evenly distributed along all the cubeicals, and will make for a fairly strong frame.

If you can post some dimensions, I can probably give you some more direction. ;)