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DIY BlackLight Contacts? Answered

I know you can use Tonic water to make Blacklight reactive ice, But can you use this same method on soft contacts? I have no idea on weather tonic water is bad for your eyes, even less whether soft contacts are saluble enough for this trick to work. I figure a mix of 2/3 contact solution, to 1/3 tonic water soaked overnight might be enough to give your contacts a soft glow under blacklight. But I just dont know!
Anyone willing to try this with some "overused" contacts?

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12 years ago

Fluorescein is a highly fluorescent dye that is used to highlight eye injuries (esp scratches) at the Doctors (among other things, of course.) You might be able to get some, it suitable medically pure grade, from a friendly physician or optician...

I would be extremely cautious about using anything "improvised" in my eyes.

Also, while I've never seen a real pair of fluorescent contacts, I'm pretty sure that most colored contacts leave a clear center over the actual pupil. I suspect that having the whole contact emit light wouldn't be good for your vision, even assuming all the chemicals involved were eye-safe. OK for the occasional closeup in a film, perhaps, but not an actual "black light ball."