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DIY CD player turntable? Answered

Can a regular CD player be modified to play like a DJ turntable? E.G. disable the motor that spins the CD and figure out how to have the laser track the cd like a record player tone arm.  then be able to manually spin the disc and maybe even "scratch" while audio is produced.



Best Answer 7 years ago

My guess would be no. The reason being, unlike a record that is analog, a cd needs to know where it is at in order to read the disk. It is stored digitally, like on a hard drive and parts of a file may be in other places on the disk. In addition, the cd spins at a high rate of speed, and it needs that speed to scan, the laser needs to pick up the series of dots and dashes, so it can figure out what they are. If you break that data stream all you will get is garbage. The sounds that you hear are not stored as sounds on the CD, they are stored as on and off bits. Even if you could get the laser to read it all you would here is a clatter, like cards on the spokes of a bike.


7 years ago

You might build something with bits of a CD player (much difficulty) but that would not be a modification.



Answer 7 years ago

thanks, I figured this would be the case but with some of the crazy things I've seen hacked on this site, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask:)