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DIY Furniture: I have two rectangles of fiberglass with holes drilled in the corners. I want to make a coffee table. Answered

I want to create a two layer coffee table. I've got the idea in my head, but haven't found the right materials. The fiberglass layers both have 4 holes (approximately 3/8" diameter - I can be more exact if necessary) drilled in each corners. The two layers would be separated by 4 metal tubes/pipes (~ 18"?) made of stainless steel or brushed nickel or the like. The top layer is held onto the 4 tubes by some sort of screw with a flat head that's bigger than the hole diameter. The bottom layer is held on by some sort of furniture "feet" that screw into the tube from the opposite side. Any ideas on what I can use for the top screw, the tube, and the foot? One such assembly for each corner, of course. The more exact the answer the better.

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6 years ago

I would go cruse the DIY shops in your area and look at chromed tube. Often sold as the bar for closets

You can buy feet to go in the ends as well.

Epoxy a nut into the tube end you can attach with a bolt through the table top - or you can form a bracket from aluminium or even plywood to support the table top from beneath.