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DIY Laptop Battery Answered

 I bought a second-hand, cheap laptop but it doesn't have a battery. It's an HP Compaq Presario V6000 series. I don't want to spend on getting a new battery right now. Is there a way I can make a cheap laptop battery out of Ni-Mh cells that I already have?

Or, if I get a cheap China made battery in the near future, is there a way to charge that Li-ion battery using the Ni-Mh cells, when it goes low and there's no electricity?

Please advise if something like this exists or if someone already made it.



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9 years ago

It is possible to create a trickle charger using larger capacity cells such as a car battery or the like. Ni-Mh batteries usually don't have the output to efficiently charge Lithium batteries. It's not impossible, but it would be unreasonable.

There are a few good instructibles on homebrew laptop battery mods, but you will still need the circuit from an actual battery for your machine.

Your most affordable option may be to have one built at one of those battery stores. :)