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DIY Laser Tag System Cheap/Easy? Answered

I would like to create a portable laser tag system. Somthing with targets on vests, and connected laser phaser, targets to shoot at, Basically something cheap, easy, and similar to the Lazer Runner Laser Tag System. In case you are not familiar with this, here is a link to their products: http://www.lazerrunner.com/Heres-What-You-Get.html or if you want the main page: http://www.lazerrunner.com/
I know that there are tutorials all over the internet, even here on Instructables, but I dont understand any of them, how to build it, or how it works. Or its too expensive. I want something that I can build for about $20 - $30 if parts are bought online, not somewhere like Radio Shack because I find projects such as this cost too much if EVERYTHING is bought there.


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6 years ago

You can make something like this by using a (or several) photo resistor and then you could hook up an arduino or something like that to keep score. Then for the guns you could use something similar to this except without the high powered laser, with just a regular laser. Basically creating this except for a game, not protection.