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DIY PSU? Answered

I currently have a HP 6623A bench top PSU which is amazing to say the least but I never end up using all of the features and its pretty big. It regulates voltage and amperage but I really only need a really good variable voltage bench top PSU.

What I need:
3x 0-12V 3A outputs

What I have:
tons of computer PSUs, wall warts, and everything in between.

What I was suggested to use:
3x LM350T
3x 5k pot
running off the 12V rail of a PSU.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a better configuration? Is there a better variable regulator you suggest?




9 years ago

just use what you have - after all you already have it and it does what you need (and more)


9 years ago

Well, the problem with running off a computer PSU is that it's noisy as all gitgo. A solid Benchtop power supply runs on a linear supply. (imo)

What you're doing is a good approach based on need, but it's not ideal. I personally would prefer finding a surplus 12 or 24V linear supply, then step it down using variable regulators to reduce injected noise in the load(s) to which you connect it.

If that's not an issue for you, what you've already had suggested to you is fine.