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DIY RC toys? Answered

Just a bit of background, as a bit of fun and a learning (LOTS of learning) exercise, I'd like to make myself an RC tank, ie: http://woodgears.ca/tracked_vehicle/index.html

I've aimed pretty high with this one though, as I've no experience with Remote Control applications, though I'm fairly comfortable with electronics.

I was hoping for an overview of what I will require (transmitter, receiver, servos, etc) and good places to look for these components, so I can move on to actually planning.

Thanks in advance.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

You need a transmitter and receiver, two electronic speed controls with reverse, batteries with chargers, two gear motors and some other small odds and ends.

Don't even think about building your own transmitter and receiver you won't save any money and you would have a lot of trouble building it so that it works.

You can use a trans/rec. from a broken set IF they still work and you can plug in an esc into the radio AND the transmitter has at least two channels.  It would be best if it was 4 channel and used a left and right stick.  Then your left stick controls the left track and the right stick controls the right stick.  Very intuitive that way, push the both forward it goes straight, push one less forward and the tank turns that way.  And just the opposite for reverse.

If you could find a broken tank you might be able to use it as a donor vehicle.  Otherwise look for a 'tank" esc.

You need two gear motors similar to these but in what ever voltage and size you need.  I think I found these by googling "hobby gear motor".

You won't be using servos unless you want something on the tank to move.

Here's  a forum dedicated to tanks.