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DIY Screen printed solar panels Answered

I bought a manual from Aqua-luna.org about making solar panels. I feel like I've been misled. The first two solar panel technologies are not viable for home power generation. The screen printed PV panels may be. There were listings of materials and a copy of patent application along with some hand written notes. Not much else. I need to know how to layout the collectors that are printed on the substrate (glass) how to mix the materials that are being screen printed etc. I would be helpful to have a ball park figure on the output so that I could determine if it will be cost effective. I have fabrication and screen printing facilities and will be making panels for personal use. I need a 3-5 kw system (big I know)



Best Answer 10 years ago

You've been had. If it really was that easy, you wouldn't be able to move for solar panels covering every surface !


10 years ago

I realise you've paid $9.99 for this and been disappointed, so how about posting a review on the thing in a Forum topic for the benefit of others who might do the same. It'll end up searchable for the rest of the internet too.