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DIY Slik Stik joystick for Atari, repair rubber washer spring? Answered

I have 5 or 6 of these Slik Stik joysticks for Atari 2600/Commodore 64, but they all inevitably break, which is too bad because they have a nice feel.

The main problems are the self-centering "spring" is a rubber washer around the stick that deteriorates, or the metal shaft bends. The bent shaft is easy to fix (just bend it back into shape).

But could anyone suggest how to replace the rubber spring?  Preferably something that is
* cheap, quick, easy
* uses readily available parts
* won't degrade over time too much
* looks OK (not too noticeable a hack)

It would be nice to fix these so that they last, I just don't have the time / skills to get into a really complicated project.

I think there are parts online but if there is an easy cheaper DIY solution I would prefer that


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2 years ago

That isn't a washer, that's a TR413 valve stem from a car tire. The red handle ball screws onto the top (the valve end) and the metal shaft at the bottom is the contact ball that screws up inside the tire valve. The red handle is held on with loctite or something so it'll be a trick to break that free without damaging it, in fact, I'm not sure it can be done. But there are 8 ball valve stem caps that are approximately the same size and shape that can be used to replace the red ball.


9 years ago

I can't really tell what the washer looks like from the picture or any of the items shown at the link.

If it is just a rubber washer, you could try the plumbing department of a hardware store. If you have any rubber pieces around you could cut out your own. I can't get more specific than that, as I don't know the exact shape or the consistency of the rubber washer you need.