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DIY Steering Wheel Answered

I'm new here. So, lately, I've been thinking about making a steering wheel for my PC, with a simple up-and-down gear box and 2 pedals for acceleration and brake.
Steering Wheel.
I'm using a polystyrene sheet, to cut out a wheel from it, and in the center, there's space for installing a phone holder. I'm planning to use my phone's gyroscope and simulate it to the PC.
I've figured by using foams underneath, we can place a nail and a foil separated and when we press the pedal, the foil touches the nail and circuit gets completed. I've a general idea, but I'm stuck on how to give that signal to PC as to simulate as a button (say for acceleration and brakes.)
For the gearbox, I figured it might be easier to make an up-down box (as in pulling the level shifts the gear up and vice-versa.)
Here too, The part where I'm stuck is giving the signal to the PC.

Anyone who can help me, please?



3 years ago

Do yourself a favour and buy one, making one will always end in the same loophole of how to get it working on the PC - you need a drver and unless you can program one and get it certified....