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DIY Transistor? Answered

Do you think it'd be possible to make a completely homemade transistor? Not a homemade transistor amp or anything, just the transistor. I know, you could just buy one for cents, but you can also just buy a lot of stuff that you can have fun making. What about turning a normal transistor into a phototransistor? Just sand the coating off the silicon?


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8 years ago

I made a silicon diode. It is under silicon diode. I think it may be a 3 step overdope process. The starting material is silicon with boron already diffused in it. Boron will make an N type silicon. I put aluminum powder on the sanded silicon. Then as you can imagine doping the silicon again will make a PNP silicon wafer. Then put brass contacts on it. Diffusion rates are important. I might make a vacuum tube from old parts. The gasoline torch I have is difficult to pump up and light.