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DIY Virtual Reality Omni-Shoes Answered

Since buying an oculus rift, realizing the limitations of movement. I've been researching all the different types of Omni-directional methods of moving in a virtual enviroment. Infinadeck seems to be the best option but it's probably too expensive for me.

Vortrex looks a nice concept, I would like to try and see what it feels like having my forward motion cancelled out. By building my own conveyor belt shoes, there is a video on youtube demonstrating powered shoes


The prototype above, uses roller skates powered by two motors with flexible shafts This is similar to what I want to replicate. I dont mind being tethered by power cables.

I'm trying to put together a list of the main components suitable for operating under these load conditions.

What motors/flexible shafts are a good choice for this application?.


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