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DIY WiFi Door opener/closer Answered

Let's pretend for a second that I know nothing about electronics, but I'm VERY good at following directions/tutorials.

I have a goat barn that is far enough away from the house so that I'd like to have a linear actuated door that I can open/close from my phone at my convenience. But I have a couple other needs that could make this difficult.


  • Wifi enabled to open/close from smartphone
  • Manual opening/closing as well
  • View webcam feed

That's at a minimum.

Wants (in the future or to be added later):

  • add a speaker to play an audio file to call the dog/goats in before closing the door.
  • add a timer for an automatic feeder for the dog/goats.

I think that's all. If anyone could help me out, it'd be greatly appreciated.



20 days ago

What is a "linear actuated door" ?
Are you wanting to control how wide to open the door ? or digital open ?
What is your budget for just the door ?
Is there power to the goat barn ?
ic_eng at yahoo


Reply 19 days ago

A door operated by a linear actuator. Not worried about how wide the door opens. This can be adjusted in a number of different ways. No budget. Door is already in place. Yes, 120v and 12v.


21 days ago

I forgot to mention, adding motion activated lights would also be a bonus down the road.