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DIY book publishing help? Answered


I recently wrote down my families story after the death of my grandmother,or as much as I was able to track down and gather.Now I was thinking I will print it and distribute it among family members.

Being a DIY guy I want to print all the books my self.I have the file worked in Adobe Id.have few designs for the book cover ready to.what I need to know is what paper to choose,what printer to choose.

1. Is offset paper ok?
2. What kind of printer to get?
3. Is my under $100 laser printer handle the job?
4. If other paper is to be used,can they be printed from home?

I really want to do this from home,will really appreciate your help. I plan to do more small time publishing from home in the future if this pans out.so all advice and suggestions are appreciated.


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Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

Answer 5 years ago

+1 I might add If you are just publishing for friends and family you don't need an ISBN Barcode or copyright just a printer and for 100 copies it would be faster and easier to go to someone like Instantpublisher I enjoyed working with them they have an on line estimate for the cost of your book.