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DIY clock panel Answered

HI, I work for a church and we have a major problem of losing track of time, we've been looking at buying a large digital timer, but there expensive. Does anyone know how to build a panel that is pretty large (1'x3') that can be controlled, or start/stop/reset?



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8 years ago

There is a whole category devoted to clocks.

If you just want to keep services to time, you don't need a stopwatch, just a large clock that is easy to read.

If you want finer control of timings, the clock doesn't have to be large - an ordinary stopwatch could be fixed to the top edge of the lectern or pulpit.

(Or you could give every member of the congregation red and green LED torches - when they are happy, they show the green one.  When you are looking at a sea of red, wind up the sermon and let everybody go home.)