DIY composite/component input switcher Answered


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I am trying to build a box that lets me switch between 4 composite inputs and 1 component input. my TV has a component input where the Y jack also accepts composite video. i originally figured i could just get a six position switch and just switch the ground line but then i thought that would end up sending a video signal back into the other consoles which seems bad. i thought about using transistors and a picaxe or something but an option that only requires a switch would be much more pleasant. what would be the best option and where can i buy a switch with that many poles and throws or where can i buy transistors that will handle frequency of the video and audio signal?



Best Answer 5 years ago

There are boxes like this out there. The cheaper switch boxes use 4 large switches. They are tied together so when one is pressed it releases the others. Each switch toggles all the contacts being used. So if if you are using just component than your using a SPTT switch. You'll also need a converter to take your composite inputs and translate them over to component for the TV. Check major suppliers like Mouser for parts.


Answer 5 years ago

Thank you for the Answer! i actually did a little bit of hard googling and found exactly what i needed.
(in case anybody wanted to check it out)
it is perfect to satisfy my DIY needs. Also there is no need to convert the composite to component with my TV as it is a combined input, meaning the yellow plug goes into the green composite jack.