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DIY dimmable multichannel LED powersupply/driver help Answered

OK I was looking in to replacing my T5 lighting over my reef tank to LED.  LED's are apparently more efficient, blah blah blah.  They appeal to me because of the DIY element, I can customize my color scheme pretty much however I want it.  I did some sciencing and some mathing and I figured out how many LED's I would need for my tank.  I knew that I would need some sort of power supply to hook these up to to power them.  That's when I discovered all the little things I had to buy to power my LED's. 
The different colors require different voltages, and have different mA's so they have to be seperated to similar channels, or have multiple drivers operating at different voltages.  The dimmable counterparts of these devices cost more money,  and then I have to decide between analog or PWM, and then actually buy potentiometers(more money).  Which just leaves me to want to just make one on my own.  But I'm going to need some help.  I know the volts and currents required of my LED's, but I don't know what parts(resistors and things) I will need to get from the wall to my lit up LEDs.

I imagine I'll need to get some sort of a power supply or adapter that plugs into the wall.  From there I'll need to convert the voltage from AC to DC. Then a controller for each channel.  Each channel contains an inline dimmer and LED's.(6 channels) with a max of 50v.

I'll need to print at the very least two circuit boards and make a housing for each.

I've attached a diagram.  It includes the electric potential and electric current requirements for each channel and gives image to my post.      This is all I can do.  I don't know what I need to make this, and I need help.  Please reply.

Edit 1.: OK so I guess I need a rectifier to convert to direct current then I need capacitor(s) (don't know how many or of what value? I don't even know what value capacitors come in) to smooth out the current, and then I need voltage regulators on each channel.  however, I do think that since I want my channels dimmable that having potentiometers might do the same thing.

With the different channels coming from one power source, I'm not sure how to make them independently dimmable(and varying in mA and v) without affecting each other.