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DIY icecream maker Answered

I'm new to working with gears so I need some help with setting up the gears. I have an idea that I could use a an old welder tank of some kind, cut down to size to fit inside a wooden barrel with screws to hold it in place while churning I got at an estate sale and use copper pipes cut in half length wise as the dashers. What I need to know is what kind of gears I should get for the ice cream maker and where to buy it and how to mount it. Also I'm planning on using normal lead free sodering to hold the churner togeter but am wondering if it will crack with the temp in the ice cream.



8 years ago

How much ice cream do you eat?

For personal use a simple plastic box in the freezer will do. In fact to save a lot of effort simply freeze fruit yoghurt - stir every hour as it freezes to keep the crystal size small and instant ice cream.

Making it on a big scale demands BIG freezer capability.