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DIY inductive heater? (For tire recycling.) Answered

Hey all,

I had an idea I wanted to try.  As you may know, recycling tires for projects isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. Since most street tires are steel-belted, about the only part you can even use is the sidewalls. :P

My idea for getting the (much cooler) tread part off was to use an inductive heater to heat just the steel belting inside, then (hopefully) just yank the tread layer off with a ginormous pair of pliers.

The problem is that actual inductive ranges are a $100+ for even a single burner unit.  Couple that with the very real possibility that my little experiment could damage it beyond repair... not exactly a recipe for success.

So now my question:
Does anybody have a schematic, instructions, and/or (please, please) instructible for how to build my own inductive heater?

Thanks in advance,



8 years ago

Sign up for newegg promotions. They occasionally have induction cooktops come on sale for $50-$60 with free shipping.

The Skinnerz

8 years ago

Alternatively, you could just dump a high current through the steel belts for a few seconds using an old car battery, which would be cheap/free and will make the wires very hot, so should easily be able to melt their way out.


8 years ago

There are some excellent on-line articles on induction heating - its not as simple as it looks, and you'll be very very hard-pressed to make one for less than 100 bucks.



Reply 8 years ago

That's too bad. From what pics I'd seen they looked like just a big spool of wire.

Oh well. So much for that idea. *sigh*


Reply 8 years ago

The output coil is, but there are a lot of power electronics and components behind it !