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DIY pcmcia slot usb (pc card usb)? Answered

i have three old laptops dating back from around 1995 one of wich i am doing a mod to make it into a desktop PC, but none of them have usb ports, but have 2 pmcia ports, if there is anyway that you know of to make a DIY PCMCIA USB card then it would be much appriciated, or even if you know of an online guide to make one seen as i couldn't find one on instructables :S so any help at all will be much appriciated thanks in advance :P


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The Rusted Workman
The Rusted Workman

Answer 11 years ago

thanks for the help but im stingy lol so my price range woulb be up to £10.00 lol and i prefer to make then to buy thanks anyway :D