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DIY shoe rack Answered

I am trying to build a DIY shoe rack which can hold 30 pairs of footware. I am looking for building it using cardboard/plywood/metal pipes or all of the above.

Any suggestions or guidance is appreciated.


Varun Raj


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9 years ago

60 pairs is a lot of shoes. We have a shoe rack/shelf that hubby made from melamine.
It's just made like a bookcase and is about 18 inches wide and 72 inches tall. It has 8 shelves to put shoes on (9 if you count the top of the unit) and there is a gap of about 8 inches between each shelf. The shelves are 12inches deep (so the shoes don't hang out over the edge) and we fit 2 pairs on each shelf. Now this unit works well for the space we had and will be easy to use as an ordinary unit once the kids move out and we don't have as many shoes, but there are a few things that could be changed depending on space available.
The distance between shelves could be lessened so the whole thing is not as tall, but you need to look at the height of shoes going into it ( we have a few pairs of boots that need a bit more room then a pair of joggers)
If you have a decent sized space, you could make four smaller units all the same - either 2 pairs wide by 4 pairs high or 1 pair wide by 7 pairs high and then arrange them into a four sided column (so when you look at the unit, you see the from of one unit and the side of another). Then place the whole column on a turntable so you can spin it around to find the shoes you want.


Answer 8 years ago


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