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DIY toe kick vacuum? Answered

has anyone used a shop vacuum to build a toe kick vacuum (for a cabin where there is a basement but no central vacuum )


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9 years ago

Theoretically possible. The problem tends to be that longer hoses mean more turbulence and more leaks and loss of suction. You might want to consider something more like a workshop dust collector (higher airflow) , possibly with a cyclone prefilter, and the larger ducts that this would make practical.

There are many debates about risk from static electricity and how to ground long hoses for safety. The numbers I consider plausible say it _shouldn't_ be a problem, but you might want to consider it anyway. Again, descriptions of how to install workshop dust collector systems might be worth looking at.

The comments I've heard regarding built-in vacuums is that they're elegant when working and a royal pain when (not if) they clog. And they don't really save a lot of storage space or lugging, since you still need to carry the hose and nozzle from room to room, bend over to plug and unplug it. etc. Elegant but not necessarily effective. Biggest advantage is that the motor/fan noise is elsewhere... but some of the modern units aren't unreasonably noisy.