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DVD, VCR, DVR Parts Answered

Dream Box of Goodies?

I have a box full of circuit boards, motors, gears, lasers, power supplies, LED displays from several VCRs and DVD players, as well as internal parts from a DirecTV DVR with Tivo (not including the hard drive). All circuit boards contain chips, resisters, capacitors, etc intact on the boards.

If you have interest in this or can point me to a place where I can get some value out of this lot, please let me know. Would most like to sell all together, but will consider selling piece-by-piece.

Or maybe someone could direct me as to what parts to salvage. At this point, I have removed the boards and mechanics from the the enclosures in order to save space. I have recycled the steel/plastic enclosures.

I am in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area. I would appreciate any offers or constructive advice.


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