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DVI-D to VGA Answered

Can anyone help me to make a DVI-D to VGA converter? I know that DVI-D is digital only and VGA is analog but there must be a possibility to convert digital to analog. I have a dell 30" LCD which have DVI-D port and I want to connect this LCD to VGA source. Help me plz...



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5 years ago

Is there any reason why this is posted in the PRO MEMBERSHIP area???

You need something like this:


And I doubt you will find much information on how to make one yourself.

They often sell for more than 100$, so making them cheaper yourself won't really work without decent electronics knowledge and tools.

You want to use HD display (digital) to show the converted signal of an analogue source.

For me that is like watching a BluRay movie while wearing glasses covered in grease....

I don't know what your input source is but either upgrade it or connect it to a good VGA monitor.