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DVI / VGA to USB over Bluetooth? Answered

I do graphic design and computer animation.  

I am making my own wireless drawing tablet.  I have a bluetooth pressure sensitive drawing tablet.   A 16" (16x9) laptop display, bluetooth adapters, dvi / vga to usb adapters and various strong enough rechargeable batteries.

The tablet is bluetooth enabled.  The display is using a dvi / vga to usb adapter.  Everything is working.

What i need to figure out is how to stream my low res display from usb to bluetooth over to my computer's bluetooth.

Any ideas?



6 years ago

The bluetooth protocol may not be designed to handle something like streaming video or even normal static displays. That is a lot of data to pump through even with a low res display.

Then again, I don't get what you are doing. You have a bluetooth drawing tablet. You have an external laptop display of some sort or is that the computer's display unit linked to your computer with USB? You want to create a cintiq type device that is a portable drawing tablet linked to your main computer? Where is the low res display coming from?


Reply 6 years ago

Yes i am trying to make a portable Cintiq device. The device would not be directly connected to anything. I want to get the vga signal over bluetooth, or some other method, to my desktop.

I have an LCD from a laptop which is connected to a vga converter adapter. This makes the laptop LCD work like a native desktop LCD. The LCD is powered by an old laptop rechargeable battery.

Then i have a vga to usb converter. The vga to usb converter lets you plug in vga displays into a usb hub or port, so you can add multiple displays.

Then i am trying to somehow push that display signal through usb to bluetooth over to my computers bluetooth.

I have also thought about not using bluetooth and doing some kind of wireless vga?

Do you know if there is a wireless vga device for computers?

Also i have seen all this done before with bluetooth. I lost that link and tutorial though. Although that method used only a 320 x 480 (or less) display, which is not possible for me because of too low resolution..