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DVI ports on 7900 GS stopped working? Answered

The other day i went to turn on my PC and nothing showed on the screen. My monitor was connected using a DVI cable. On the second DVI connector on the card i still had an old DVI to VGA adapter attached and a VGA cable. So i plugged that into the VGA port on the monitor and it works. find. 

So I have tried a different DVI cable and tried both cables on each of the 2 DVI ports on the card and they don't work. I've even tried different monitors. Yet when i use a DVI to VGA adapter and a VGA cable everything works fine.

So on to the questions... Is it possible for the digital pins on the DVI connector to go out and still have the analog pins function? Is there any way i can get the digital side of the DVI connector working again? 

Not that it matters if i'm using VGA or DVI on the monitor side since both my monitors have both connectors. But i just got this second monitor back from my parents and would like to go back to dual monitors again. Unfortunately i only have the 1 VGA cable and 2 DVI. I'd rather not buy another VGA cable. I just hope this isn't the gForce 7900 GS telling me its about to die cause i can't afford a new video card and don't want to go back to my gForce 7300 GT. 


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Check the BIOS and the NVIDIA control panel to make sure that digital output wasn't shut off somehow. Also, try searching for updated drivers.